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Wood Furniture – Why it is a sensible choice

Wood Furniture – Why it is a sensible choice

The most commonly used material in making furniture is wood – but before going shopping, a few questions have to be addressed. The final decision is one that is taken with some consideration.

1 Wood Furniture – Why it is a sensible choice

Furniture is needed in practically every room of the house – the amount that has to be bought will depend on the size of a family and the home as well. Furniture is available in a wide variety of styles, materials and prices – the best investment is usually wood furniture for a number of reasons. Construction, quality, finish, type of wood and budget are considerations that have to be taken into account before buying. Here are some reasons why:


  • Budget: Having a budget for anything, especially furniture is a good idea before beginning the shopping process. Budgets help people stay on track – especially when they are in the process of furnishing an entire home. It is usually best to hold off on buying expensive pieces until the money is available and unless they are absolutely necessary.


  • Size and scale: The first rule to furniture buying is to measure rooms to make sure that it will fit and not overwhelm or disappear in the space. Practicality should be the most important consideration.


  • Style: Individual tastes differ in choice of style – and there are many different styles to choose from. If one already knows what they like, it makes it easier to decorate. More people are now choosing to mix and match style and decorate in an eclectic fashion, not just in one room but throughout the house. This adds interest to the living space.


  • Type of Wood: Most of the furniture is made from hard or soft woods. Teak and oak fall under the category of hardwoods and they make for heavy furniture. Furniture made of good, solid woods like mahogany, cherry, maple or walnut usually tend to be a bit expensive, but worth the price as they last a long time. Soft woods like pine are used in making regular furniture which is not too expensive or formal.


  • Quality: Ensure that the furniture is made of solid wood – often only the visible parts of the furniture are solid wood. Frames and other major pieces that are not visible are made from other types of wood – these pieces are bonded so that they can do their job properly.


  • Finish: Wood comes in a variety of colors – and it can be varnished to get a completely different look altogether. Finishes are used to enhance the beauty of the natural grain in the wood and a thin polyurethane coat is used to prevent water seepage. Other finishes like lacquer are applied as well to change the look completely. The distressed look is in vogue again. Other methods that are used to make furniture interesting are gilding, painting and inlay work.

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