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Why You should Choose Italian Furniture

Why You should Choose Italian Furniture

Italian furniture has a long and storied history of producing pieces that are elegant and durable. Many are even considered works of art. Choosing Italian furniture can upgrade the look and style of your home.

Italy is known for its beautiful frescoes, paintings, and sculptures. It is safe to say that the country has a proud history of producing most of the world’s beautiful pieces of art. It is a country of skilled artisans where technique is passed from one generation to the next. It is no surprise that in the realm of furniture making, the Italians have also made an indelible mark. Here are some important reasons why Italian furniture is so admired the world over and why you should consider it for your home.

1226907598347 us backyard1 795 Why You should Choose Italian FurnitureDuring the great Renaissance period of the 15th and 16th century, Italian furniture began to be recognized as beautiful art pieces worthy of the best royal houses in Europe. Around the years 1400 up to 1650 there was resurgence in excellent Italian furniture making, particularly in Florence. This renaissance began to spread to Rome as well as to the other regions of the country. By the time of the 15th century, Italian furniture was noticed to become more Avant-garde as pieces began to greatly reflect the cultural and social changes of the time period.

Italian furniture makers became experts at combining classical influences taken from Rococo and Baroque periods to come up with striking pieces that are still being made up to this day. They combine marble as well as iron materials. Furniture designers often come with distinctive and detailed outlines, pristine surfaces and a very durable and long lasting framework. There are many Italian pieces that possess grand designs as well as striking features. Traditionally, Italian furniture best suits large families. However, when it comes to modern era of Italian furniture making, designers have been able to inculcate smaller pieces in their design to accommodate smaller families. The main characteristics of the modern era Italian furniture feature straight lines that are more akin to a functional as well as a sensible purpose reflecting the modern needs of ordinary Italians.

When you own pieces of Italian furniture you join an exclusive club of well-known property owners known for their great taste in design and style. Modern furniture makers have been able to incorporate designs that are stylish as well as able to retain a sense for the classic aesthetic. This is the reason why many people invest a lot of money in collecting this furniture over all other types. These are just some of the reasons why you should choose Italian furniture.

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