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Bedroom Furniture – A Style Guide

Bedroom Furniture – A Style Guide

A home is a place where one can unwind, rest and entertain. And in a home, the bedroom is what can be labeled a sanctuary. Creating a comfortable environment is the top priority and the most important thing needed to achieve that goal is the bed itself. Click here for more information.

There’s a wide range of choices available in bedroom furniture – styles, as well as materials. One can choose to have a headboard or not, different types of frames and sizes as well. Most mattress stores in charlotte NC and design house will have a range of design styles to choose from – contemporary, traditional, casual, rustic, country and even children’s furniture. Here is a brief description about each of the styles:

• Traditional: This style is characterized by timeless and elegant pieces. This style offers smooth lines and classic details – take your pick from French Country, Colonial or Neoclassical designs. These designs are very distinctive and the most popular choices are poster and sleigh beds.

• Contemporary: One can expect clean and simple lines and colors that are bold. Some of the contemporary pieces incorporate features from classic styles in subtle ways. Neutral elements are another hallmark. This style will fit in with any lifestyle and budget and suit people who want something different.

• Transitional: The hallmark of this style is versatility. This style fits in well with other kinds of furniture in the home – this works best for those who have trouble deciding what they like.

• Casual: This style combines curves with sharp angles to create a casual feel. Minimalism is the hallmark – the aim is to create an inviting and homey atmosphere in the bedroom. Another feature is that it is on the larger side and best if one wants durable, comfortable furniture which is not fussy.

• Country: This style can be characterized as casual and unassuming. This style is back in vogue again and offers a kind of traditional charm. Romantic with graceful lines and available in a wide range of finishes.

• Mission: This is an unmistakably American style – simple and utilitarian in function. One can expect to see a simple wood working style and exposed joints which are typical of the work offered by the Missionaries – for which the line is named.

• Wicker: This style is still considered to be exotic and brought indoors as well – not just for the patio anymore. Wicker furniture evokes images of the tropics and cottages with pretty garden. It comes in various finishes as well.

• Children’s Furniture: There are so many styles to choose from – bunk beds, canopy beds and racecar style beds as well. These are available in different colors and styles – ensure that these beds are well made and sturdy as safety is at stake.

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